Ashton Gate and Bristol Sport sign Mental Health Charter

Ashton Gate and Bristol Sport know the importance of well-being, so are proud to sign the mental health charter and show support to mental health awareness in the workplace.

Just like physical health, everybody has mental health, and mental health problems can affect around 1 in 4 people in any given year.

The overall cost of mental ill health to employers in the UK through lost production and staff turnover is estimated to be £30 billion per year. As well as this, 59% of people report feeling uncomfortable talking with their manager about mental health issues for fear of stigma. The Mental Health Charter, and those signed up to it, vow to change that.

The charter is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing support for employers in recruiting and retaining staff. Information, advice and practical support is provided for people whose mental health affects their ability to find or retain employment, along with a Charter for Employers who are positive about mental health.

The key principles of the mental health charter are:

  • By employers, for employers
  • Good practices not great promises
  • Adapted and adopted
  • Safe people not scary places

For more information about the Mental Health Charter, or to sign up, click here